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The Cultivation of Future Conversions a.k.a. Digital Snipers

Getting your company’s message out to your intended audience is harder than ever in today’s crowded marketplace. With so many media channels available, the quality and scope of your digital marketing strategy can determine whether or not your advertising is able to sift through the noise and impact your customers. That’s why, when you’re choosing a digital marketing specialist to handle your advertising, you need a company you can trust that offers a broad range of services.

BL Digital Enterprises in Norcross, Georgia, just 20 miles north of Downtown Atlanta, Georgia is a leading Digital Marketing firm that specializes in a number of advertising and digital marketing services, including:

  • Online Marketing & SEO
  • Mobile Marketing & Custom Apps
  • Social Media Strategy & Viral Video
  • E-Commerce | Custom & WordPress Web Designs
  • Strategy Marketing, Media Planning, & Public Relations
  • Green Screen & Custom Video Production
  • Software Development
  • Local Search & Mobile Directory Optimization
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Blockchain Development & Decentralized applications (dApps)
  • Google Adwords
  • Podcasting Productions and Creation
  • Proprietary Video Ranking Software to give your business a very unfair advantage vs. the competition.

What separates the Digital Marketing Professionals at BL Digital Enterprises from their competitors is the ability to customize solutions to each individual client. Because no two companies have the same objectives, the team at BL Digital Enterprises works with each customer to come up with a comprehensive and client-specific digital marketing campaign that leverages state-of-the-art technologies and techniques.

BL Digital Enterprises prides itself on having a network of relationships with leading media outlets. These relationships give BL Digital Enterprises an edge over its competitors and enable the company to cater to any budget and business, large or small.

For more information on BL Digital Enterprises’ full suite of digital marketing strategy services or to contact the advertising & digital sniping team, call (912) 312-9381or visit them online.

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BL Digital is very connected and has created great relationships with highly acclaimed media outlets, which gives us a competitive advantage and allows us to service our clients with deep discounts while still delivering high quality advertising solutions. These elements have pushed us to be the #1 comprehensive digital advertising firm in the U.S.!

    Our team

    Brian Lollie

    Brian Lollie

    Brian Lollie is the dynamic Founder and CEO of BL Digital Enterprises, where he also serves as a Sales Professional and Trainer. Lollie is a certified guru in the digital marketing and Internet business development industry
    Robert Savadge

    Robert Savadge

    One of the founding members of BL Digital Enterprises, Robert “Bob” Savadge brings over thirty years of diverse management experience to the Company. With a proven background in finance, operations, marketing and other

    Marketing should be allotted as one of the largest portions of a company’s budget. Why? Well, in order for a company to be successful, people must know about the brand and be familiar with it. If you want to grow your business, you must invest in marketing techniques that will bring you consumers. BL Digital has helped numerous companies develop and execute marketing plans that have worked wonders for their profits. We have a proven process that we can smoothly put in place for your business and help you get the exposure you need.

    If your business wants to be successful in today’s environment, you must boost your Internet presence because this is where many consumers now spend most of their time when they are not working. Whether customers are researching products or are ready to buy online, BL Digital knows the significance of making it easy for them to find you and our team will work tirelessly to bring your company forward so that you can found online with minimal effort.

    Do you have a strong Mobile Marketing strategy? BL Digital has a variety of mobile marketing options that will allow you to reach the people that help your business succeed – the customers. Your business wants more clients! You need to reach these potential clients! Mobile marketing is highly effective because it literally puts your advertising message directly into the consumers’ hands.

    If you do not have a Social Media profile, you are already behind. Catch up! Most people that have smartphones (which is pretty much everyone these days) and computers have a social media profile on a network such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Companies realize how important it is to get on these networks and get in front of consumers because this is where they spend most of their times when they are not working.

    If you browse the Internet or your social media feeds, you probably see viral videos on a daily basis. There are people who have even became famous simply by uploading a video to YouTube or Facebook from their smartphone or tablet with content that people want to see. If this can work for an individual, why can’t it work for you? BL Digital wants you to know that your business can do this too.


    Sindy Kennes

    Sindy Kennes

    Our company has never experienced a turnkey digital company quite like BL Digital Awesome Service!.

    Ken Brokman

    Ken Brokman

    My wife has researched social media advertising agencies for a year and found BL Digital had the best Service

    Andrew Chery

    Andrew Chery

    I'm a small business with a low budget for digital advertising but BL Digital Solutions are very affordable


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