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How’s your Landing Page?

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Have you looked at your website’s landing page lately? Are you familiar with what a landing page is? If not, it is ok. We can explain it to you.

Your landing page is essentially your website’s home page. It is the page where consumers first “land” when they click on your website’s address. This page is the most important page on your website because it will either interest consumers and invite them to explore your website for the product/service that they are looking for or they will move on to a competitor’s website and buy from them if their landing page is more appealing. Therefore, your website’s landing page must be thought out and carefully designed. B.L. Digital Enterprises is experienced in designing landing pages that achieve high engagement rates and conversions.

Is my landing page really important?
Yes, it really is! Your landing page is the front of your house. Your doorstep. It makes people either want to come in and see the rest of your place or turn around and go visit another friend. You can have the best products in the world, but if people never make it past your landing page, it does not matter. Your competitor may have an inferior product to yours but if its landing page is better designed and is more appealing, it will sell more online than you. Therefore, you have to invest in keeping people on your website once they get there. Having professionals such as B.L. Digital in Atlanta, Georgia creates a functional, attractive landing page that will captivate people and lead them to buy your product or service can only help your revenues increase.

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