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Your Landing Page sets the stage for the rest of your consumer’s web experience!

If you want to bring consumers to your website and keep them there, you must have an effective landing page because it can be the difference between a consumer visiting your home page and then going on to a competitor’s website, or staying on your website and deciding to purchase your products or services. Landing pages must be well thought out and carefully designed. BL Digital excels at creating great landing pages for clients in Atlanta, Richmond Hill, Pooler, Savannah (Georgia) that earn very good conversion rates.

Will a good Landing Page really help my business get more business?

A good landing page is equivalent to a hotel’s curb appeal. If you pass a hotel and the landscaping is not maintained, with windows that are filthy and a dirty parking lot, you will likely drive down the street and stay at the hotel that has a beautiful exterior and clean windows and doors. Websites are no different. Consumers start judging you and deciding if they are going to browse your offerings the second they land at your website’s home page. Therefore, you need to know what your potential customers want to see and where on the landing page the key items should be so you can create an effective landing page that captivates consumers as soon as they arrive at your website. If your website conversion rate goes from 4% to 11% in a matter of weeks or months, you’ve more than doubled the customers making purchases from your website in the same amount of time. Just think of how this will benefit your revenues!

Can BL Digital create an effective Landing Page for my business?

Of course. BL Digital designs landing pages that convince consumers to spend time on our clients’ websites. We know it is important for consumers to get the most out of your website, and they can only achieve this by actually spending time on your website. We know that you want to keep consumers on your website, so let us put our landing page expertise to work for you. Call BL Digital today so we can analyze your current website and discuss how we can create or improve your landing page.

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