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It’s time to PUSH your advertising messages to your customers!

Advertising can be sent via emails and web pages but they often either do not reach customers or are ignored and regarded as spam. However, imagine if you could deliver a coupon or promotion directly to a customer just like a mailman drops off the mail? You can – with Push Notifications! Consumers with an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet can receive push notifications advertising your most recent specials just by installing your mobile app on their devices. Push messaging develops a unique relationship between the consumer and the company because the push notifications come directly from the company itself. This allows the company to have complete control over the delivery and content of its marketing message, and the consumer has control of when and where it wants to view it.

Does Push Technology work?

Businesses in Atlanta and whole Georgia that have put Push Notifications to work can testify that they get results. You can determine when customers hear from you as well as what they hear, and you can also decide if you want your promotions to go to everyone with your app on their phone or just those in a specific area where you have a higher number of potential customers. Consumers with your app see your message just as they would a text message, so it is instant contact! This means that if 5,000 people download your mobile app, then 5,000 will likely see your push notifications. Consumers have the option to disable push notifications but most look forward to seeing messages from companies they buy from so they usually allow them. If that doesn’t excite you then we do not know what will!

My customers need to see my messages now!

Your mobile marketing plan can be instantly enhanced by adding push notifications to your mobile app. It is a cheap way to get your company’s brand in front of a large audience. BL Digital can design your mobile app and your push notifications to go with it. Using your mobile app with good push notifications can push your business to new heights, which usually brings higher revenues as well! If you are ready to work on your push notifications, reach out to BL Digital and we can start on yours today.

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