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Give customers an easy way to access your online presence.

QR Codes are the latest trend to hit the mobile marketing scene. Toyota developed this technology as a way to identify new vehicles that came off the assembly line. Business noticed that these codes can be linked to their websites and mobile apps as well as store information such as contact phone numbers and email addresses. This prompted marketing departments to seize the opportunity to use QR codes as marketing tools in their mobile strategies. BL Digital is also experienced in using QR codes and we can create one that you can use in your marketing plan to make sure consumers can reach you easily and quickly.

How does it work?

After a QR code is generated, it can be attached to marketing items such as flyers, business cards, brochures, posters, magazine ads and other visual media that can hold a printed QR code. Consumers can then download QR reader mobile apps (free of charge) that uses a smartphone’s camera to scan the codes and obtain the information that the QR code holds, such as a link to a website or social media page. QR codes can hold any information that the business wants to include, such as contact information, address, or link to a website. Your QR code can link customers to just about anything you want them to see that will prompt them to do business with you.

Ready for your QR Code?

You want to make it easier for customers to reach you instead of your competitors. Therefore, you need to use tools that will put your business at an advantage. QR codes can do this for you because it is technology that consumers actually like to use. BL Digital is ready to start working on your QR code today – all you have to do is contact us!

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