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Social Media – You simply gotta have it.

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If you are a small business that sells services or products directly to consumers within a local area or community, then you may have been able to survive without a good social media presence or no social media presence at all. You may be on the other end of the spectrum – your business is based online and you have a decent social media campaign. However, our guess is that if you are here reading this blog then your social media could maybe use a tune-up or revamping. Whichever end you fall on, one thing can likely be agreed upon – your social media strategy could use some analysis and probably some tweaking. B.L. Digital Enterprises thrives on creating social media packages that work for our clients, and we have also taken good social media campaigns and made them even better! No matter your situation, B.L. Digital can enhance your social media and get more customers engaged with your business.

I’m a small business that makes just about all of my money from local customers. Why do I need social media? Well, let us list some ways in which a good social media presence could help you:
More people will know about you. Believe it or not, not everyone in your local area knows about your business. Give them a chance to discover you and bring you more business.
Renewed interest in your brand. Some former customers may have simply forgotten about you. Yeah, it happens to us too so don’t feel bad. Seeing you on Facebook or Twitter will excite them and bring them back to you because they know you have a good product.
Promotions. Once you get your social media in place, you never have to pay to print another coupon again. You can post your promotion on your social media profiles and consumers can simply pull out their mobile devices and show you the coupon. Easy enough, right?

Does my business already have a heavy social media presence? Why would I need your services? Good question. Let us tell you why:

Content Analysis. Sure, you have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page up. However, who is writing your content, and is it captivating? Are the video media and pictures that you are posting really leading consumers to buy your product?
Full use of all available features. If you are on Facebook, are you using the Call-to-Action options to create buttons for your page? Are you boosting your posts? B.L. Digital can make sure you’re using every feature that the social media providers are making available to you.

Are you marketing your social media? Yes, part of using social media for your business involves marketing your social media profiles. Do most of your customers know that your business is on Twitter?

B.L. Digital can help your business whether you serve a local community in Atlanta, Savannah, Richmond Hill, and Pooler or sell primarily online.

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