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If you plan to convert customers from emails, you have to be creative because consumers receive many emails on a daily basis. Much of the time they consider these emails to be spam unless something captures their eye.
You can do this with the help of Video Magnets!
Video magnets are wonderful tools that allow you to use media to capture the attention of potential consumers in Atlanta, Richmond Hill, Pooler and the entire state of Georgia and whole country. BL Digital can create efficient video magnets for you that contain the following features:

• Looping. Animation can be set to loop or just play one time all the way to completion.
• Play Button. A play button can be displayed after the animation is complete.
• Pre-Loader. You can display a buffer bar to pre-load, and you can animate it.
• Resize. The size of the magnet can be altered, such as making it smaller to fit in an email.
• Attach it to anything. You can attach video magnets to virtually any email program, including auto-responders. The content can consist of many types of media including vibrant videos and text, PowerPoint slides that can be displayed as videos, and much more!

This great technology is labeled “video magnets” because they do what magnets do – attract people to click on them. It is very easy to create the magnets and you’ll be enhancing your emails with engaging animations in no time. Watch your click-throughs increase immensely!
Create innovative slideshows, import existing YouTube videos or upload your own original clip. Your magnet can also be made to resemble an actual video clip by adding an animated timer or progress bar. It can be set to loop multiple times, and it can also be text based.
After your magnet has been created, add it to your email program of choice by copying and pasting it, and it will play automatically when consumers open the email. No attachments or downloads are necessary – have your content play directly in the email and watch your conversion rates shoot to the sky!

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