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Broadcast Your Message with Voicemail Distribution Technology

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Ringless Voicemail Messages

You may be a financial entity trying to contact customers about credit card debt, or a debt collector attempting to reach people about funds that they owe. You may be a restaurateur trying to bring in new customers to your establishment or an auto dealer who is trying to contact consumers to inform them of the great deals you have on your lot. Whatever your plight may be, you know how tough it can be to safely reach people on their cell phones. There is a way to circumvent this dilemma: Voicemail Distribution.

Voicemail distribution technology allows you to deliver your message directly to cell phone users in Savannah, Georgia and any place in the USA without disturbing the consumer. In fact, your message never hits their wireless network at all. No, this is not a simple application that can be downloaded and used by anyone for leisure purposes. We are talking about a robust system that warmly informs the consumer of what you have to offer and asks them nicely to reach out to you if they are interested. B.L. Digital Enterprises’ Voicemail Distribution technology is smart, and this is partly because it uses a technology that is actually called SMART technology. It sends your message directly to the customer’s landline voicemail because that’s actually where voicemail is based. (No, it doesn’t live in your phone!) Therefore, it never touches the customer’s wireless carrier and they are not charged.

Another good thing about Voicemail distribution technology is that you can record a message up to 60 seconds long and then immediately send it out to up to 100,000 consumers in just a few minutes. Can you think of an existing “economical” form of advertising that would be more effective than this?

We didn’t think so, either. Therefore, you should contact B.L. Digital Enterprises now so we can show you how our Voicemail distribution technology can help your business grow!

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