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If you browse the Internet or your social media feeds, you probably see viral videos on a daily basis. There are people who have even became famous simply by uploading a video to YouTube or Facebook from their smartphone or tablet with content that people want to see. If this can work for an individual, why can’t it work for you? BL Digital wants you to know that your business can do this too.

Viral Video – What’s that?

Videos go “viral” when they are uploaded and then are continuously shared by people on popular social networks. For example, a person uploads a video of a funny skit or home movie, and that one upload is then shared thousands or millions of times from one person to another. Videos that go viral often have a captivating element to them that either reflects things that people can relate to or is something that people do not often see. Just as viruses that cause illnesses are transported from person to person, viral videos work in much the same way and can be found just about anywhere on the Internet.

BL Digital can help you go Viral!

Some businesses have been successful in producing video content that has gone viral. Sometimes these are in the form of commercials and others maybe footage of events that are held by companies or their leaders. Viral videos put a spin on your marketing strategy and can help spread your marketing message faster than written postings on your social media pages because consumers like visual and audio messages. BL Digital has a wonderful media team located in Atlanta, Georgia, and representatives all around the country that can work with you or your marketing department to produce videos and other media content that will accent your social media presence perfectly. Call us today to find out more about how we can help you go Viral!

Why are we the best in doing commercial video production?

A sales video tells people about what you’re going to give them for a great price. But they’re really short-form – and usually, rather than be viewed on their own, they’re accompanied by a written message. It is for this reason that TV is becoming less relevant: people have grown used to TV adverts, so are more likely to ignore an advert if it’s on at the same time.

The key to success with a video is that it must be memorable – in the same way, that a story is memorable, but expressed in a new format. Unlike an ad or an advert, a video has to be relevant to its target audience. If it doesn’t, no one will remember it when they’re older. Of course, you can’t expect your video to be something like Planet Of The Apes, but it should have a clear message.

Getting an experienced production company to do your video is the easiest way to guarantee that it’s as memorable as possible. You need a scriptwriter, a camera operator, a producer, and a video production company. All of these are essential to making a good-quality video, but some of them are also relatively simple to hire. The scriptwriter writes the words, with help from a reader or a speechwriter if required, the camera operator brings the footage together and the video production company makes it look professional. In this way, you can be sure that the video is as memorable as possible.

Top Ten Tips To Help Make Your Video Memorable

1. Choose a memorable setting for your video – remember, that the viewers are the star of your production!

2. Make sure that the setting has meaning to your target audience. A location can be symbolic, it can be historical, it can be geographical or it can be emotional. A location that has no meaning to the people who live there is just wasting their time.

3. Don’t make your video too long – think of the last memory that you have of your favorite subject. If you’ve been on YouTube for a week, or read all the blog posts, it’ll be tough to summon up the motivation to watch your video again. The trick is to keep them short, to the point, and to the point.

4. Keep your video simple – a camera in your hand, filming your favorite subject is the ideal formula. A video camera that shoots in HD is a good alternative. Or perhaps you could use your phone, recording the mobile phone at its best. A good story or a good soundtrack can make a difference!

5. Keep your video short – a video that’s 5 minutes long can become incredibly boring and you can even lose the attention of your target viewers. Try to keep your videos under 3 minutes.

6. If you want to get more people to view your video, it’s time to add some humor into your video – some people will enjoy your video more when you inject a little humor.

7. It’s also helpful to make your video in HD.

8. Add into it, and it’ll be remembered.

9. Take action from your videos.

A good memory enhancer is not just a trick, but an attitude. By simply watching your video a few times, you may be able to recall the information you’ve learned.

It’s not just the video that’s important, but the approach to it.

What is the importance of approaching a professional company for commercial video production?

This is a question that has been asked by many people, companies, and individuals, regarding the importance of corporate video production. As stated earlier, video production is often referred to as CV or corporate video production.

There are different types of corporate videos. These include web videos, TV videos, film videos, and television videos. There are some people who have no need to watch web videos. These individuals are usually people who have a very slow internet connection. They will often find it difficult to play videos. This is a good reason not to include web videos in your CV.

Most people have no problem watching web videos. This is usually the case with those people who use dial-up internet connections. This is the case for most people. However, there are still individuals who have a difficult time watching film videos or television videos. If this is the case for you, then your best bet is to include a television video in your CV. This is good for both you and your future employer.

Your future employer will know that you are capable of creating good quality corporate videos. They will also know that you have the potential to be a good corporate video producer. The company you join will be able to provide you with training and training will be available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Your employer will be able to see that you have experience whenever you come to interview. Their future employees will know that you are capable of creating a good quality video. This is a win-win situation for you and the company you join.

Now that you know the reason why you should consider incorporating a corporate video into your CV, here are some tips on how to get started and produce a quality corporate video:

If you have a video that is not in either video format, you will find it rather difficult to get your corporate video into the video server, onto your website, and then into the Html code onto your website. You will find if you follow these simple tips that you can produce a corporate video.