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Email Video Magnet: Make people want to view your messages!

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If you are currently performing email marketing or plan to incorporate it into your digital marketing strategy, one thing that you must remember to do is stay unique. Why? Well, think about it – why should a consumer want to open your email if they know you’re trying to sell them something? Another question to think about: do you ever take the time to look at any emails that hit your spam folder? Probably not, but if you have ever opened some of the spam messages, you will notice that most of them are purely spam that was sent by someone that you don’t even know exists. However, a few of the messages are likely from legitimate businesses such as yours who are attempting to reach customers that would buy from them. If you are not careful with your email marketing, your emails can and will likely end up in the same basket.

What can you do about this? It’s simple: keep the consumer from sending your emails to the spam folder in the first place. The leading digital marketing firm in Savannah (Georgia) B.L. Digital Enterprises can show you how to do this easily with the incorporation of Video Magnets. This wonderful technology allows you to use media to captivate consumers who read your emails.

Video magnets are wonderful because they act juts like physical magnets – they attract people to click on them and learn more about the product or service that you are offering. They have great features such as looping if you want the video to replay, pre-loader for easy viewing, resizing capabilities and more! You can create slideshows to be used for the video or import an existing YouTube video that you may have uploaded. Your media can be an actual video or even text based. The options are almost limitless!

The best thing is that your consumers do not have to download anything. It all plays directly from the email. If you are looking for a simple way to make your emails more attractive, you have found it with Email Video Magnets. B.L. Digital can show you how to implement this technology into your next email marketing blast!